Friday, October 30, 2009

Sauted Squid&Snow-pea in butter garlic soy cause with shiso

Ingredients (2 people)

1 medium size squid ( fresh or breezed)
15 snow pea
1 tbsp butter
2 tbsp shiso-garlic-soy cause
2 tbsp olive oil

shiso-garlic-say sauce: Add 3 garlic & 10 shiso leaves into 1 cup of s0y cause and keep it for one week
** add as many of garlic and shiso leaves if you like, you can slice garlic and add to your dishes call for garlic

How to make:

1. In the medium heated fry-pan, add olive oil then sliced squid
2. Saute until it turned to white color
3. Add snow pea and saute until snow pea get tender
4. Add shiso-garlic-soy sauce
5. Add butter and saute until butter melt

☆Little tip☆

I like crunchy texture of snow pea, so when making saute, keep all ingredients at the counter and do it quickly. For snow pea, I cook only about 1 minuets.