Sunday, November 1, 2009


Very easy to make Japanese sweets ☆

I made rice cake with half TOFU half sweet rice powder.
Adding tofu makes a cake very soft and healthy.

Rice Cake Ingredients:

50gm sweet rice powder
50gm tofu ( soft or silken tofu)
5gm dried mugwort powder

soy bean powder
red bean paste


1. Mix the Tofu with sweet rice powder to create a crumbly mixture.

2. Add mugwort powder and very very little water, then gently stir the mixture until dough get the tender like earlobe (contain nice moisture but goes not get stick to the finger).

3. Devide the dough into about 10 small balls.

4. Press middle of each ball with thumb and index finger until dough get 1/4" thin
( you can keep round ball shape if you like)

5. Boil the cakes until cakes surfaced, then continue boiling them for another 2 min.

6. Plunge the cakes into an ice bath

7. Wipe off the water around the surface of cakes with paper towel

8. Garnish cakes with red beans and soy bean powder.

**There are many kinds of sweet rice powder at Asian market.
I like to use " shiratama ko" for this kind of sweets.
Grains of powder is big, and good to make soft mochi cake.
Most popular "shiratama ko" at the market are below 2 brands.

Grain of "shiratama ko" looks like below.

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